By Carrie on

About Our Project

Well, you’ve had a chance now to see our new website, which gives you a good idea of how our new program is shaping up. When we started out to define this project, we wanted to make sure we didn’t do what lots of people do: make something we think is cool, and then try to sell it. Chances are, if we did that, nobody would need what we made.

Instead, we tried to approach this like detectives. We talked to LOTS of folks in the septic services industry and asked them what they wanted us to make. That really helped to simplify things, and to give this project a direction and a focus. They told us that they wanted some kind of computer program that would help them:

  • Be more efficient in the office, and be able to spend extra time on the more important things such as reaching out to new customers, planning a budget, etc.
  • Stay organized with scheduling and client property info
  • Keep track of as-built plans, tank cover location, etc.
  • Save time during annual reporting periods
  • Stay on top of reminders

The other request was that they wanted something that would be easy to set up, and easy to use. As one person told us, “I don’t have three weeks to stop running my business and learn some fancy program.” So, we have tried to make something functional, practical, and also easy to use.

It’s still under development, and we’re anticipating the release of the final product in the near future. Stay tuned!


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