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Septic Business Owners: Do You Ever Have Enough Time?

If you’re like most septic business owners in our experience, you never have enough time. Not only are you managing the physical part of the job and directing employees, you are also dealing with the customers who call and handling all of their records. You’re keeping track of when properties are due for service, sending reminders, tracking your disposal stats to meet reporting requirements, and scheduling your company’s appointments. In other words, running your septic business is keeping you running all the time.

If you feel like you can never escape the paper piles long enough to do the “big picture” stuff for your business (marketing and budgeting, anyone?), you are not alone. Most of the folks we’ve talked with in the industry have the same thing on their mind: “How can I streamline my work load to have a life beyond the paper piles? How can I take back time to make my business more profitable, and to enjoy my life?”

If you’re striving to be one of the leading businesses in your area, you may have considered using some kind of software to make your office more efficient. But until recently, most of the software options available for septic service companies were complicated: tons of advanced features for dozens of industries, with a whopping up-front cost. As leading business owner in our area told us, “I shouldn’t need a computer degree to run my business, and I don’t have three weeks to stop work and learn how to use a program.”

Making Time

So how can you get back more time and still stay ahead of the competition, without breaking the bank or investing a month into learning software that does everything but make you breakfast? That’s where we come in. Tank Track is certainly not the fanciest software out there—if you’re looking for the most complicated features available, we won’t be the answer for you. But, if you’re like many leading septic industry professionals, you may be a good fit for our software. It’s been designed over the last year with input and guidance from septic business owners like you, who showed us exactly what they need for running their businesses more smoothly.

How can Tank Track work for you?

  • It is designed specifically for the septic industry, not for dozens of others
  • You can access it securely online from anywhere (it’s technically a “web app”).
  • You can import your current contact and property info quickly, as long as you have a well-organized spreadsheet from Excel, Quickbooks, or another program
  • You can stop re-writing addresses; just enter or confirm contact info in the program, and it will print out correctly on invoices
  • You can easily schedule appointments, keep track of property details, see who is due for service, and confirm your pumping and dumping totals
  • You can quickly download a daily backup file with your up-to-date customer info for extra peace of mind
  • You will love how simple it is to use
  • You can finally take back your time and work from anywhere. After all, you only live once, right?

If you’re wondering if your business might be a good fit for Tank Track, check out our gallery of demo videos to see the program in action. Then, get signed up! We’ll be happy to spend time helping you get set up. Sign up by June 30th, 2014, to have your price locked in for life!


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