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Septic Co. Software: 3 Reasons Why a Monthly Subscription is Great (#3 is Our Favorite)

HiResWe have some pretty exciting launch date news coming out soon (sign up for our free e-newsletter if you want to be in on the surprise.) But since we’re not ready to spill the beans on that quite yet, we’ll tell you a little story about an unhappy septic guy, and what he taught us.

We were exhibiting at a regional gathering for septic service professionals when a friendly looking man approached our table to ask some questions and to see us demo a rough version of our software (we were there to get feedback). He was excited about what we showed him, and seemed to love the design and the extra time he could gain from making his business more efficient. That is, until he learned that our program would be offered via a monthly subscription.

He became upset, and nearly shouted, “I would NEVER consider using software that I don’t own.”

As he walked away, we realized we needed to share with you the reasons that we have chosen a subscription model rather than an old-fashioned software download.

Top Three Reasons to LOVE Your Monthly Subscription:

  1. Lower Up-Front Costs: One of the biggest frustrations we’ve heard about with septic software is that the up-front cost is too high, and it feels too risky to try something you might not like. By using a subscription model, we can offer you the benefits of very low up-front cost.
  2. Don’t Wait Years for Fixes and Updates: With the “old” software model, you might pay thousands of dollars to buy the software, and then put up with any annoying problems it has for years before finally giving in and purchasing the updated version of that software for thousands of dollars more. Instead, as a monthly subscriber to Tank Track, you will get updates as quickly as they are available. As bugs in the program are discovered (and they will be), you will get the “fix” right away.
  3. Get New Features Sooner: If you “buy” software, you have to pay a separate, large fee to upgrade to a newer version with additional features. With our monthly subscription, you won’t have to limit yourself to outdated features until you can afford to purchase the program yet again. When we roll out new features, they will be added into your subscription package without any “upgrade” needed. We’re planning some pretty great additional features for later this year (such as smartphone apps, tablet apps, offline mode, and QuickBooks integration). If you are a subscriber, it will be pretty sweet to wake up every few months and find more benefits added to your account for no extra cost.

To be clear, the subscription model won’t be a perfect fit for everyone. Not all septic company owners are ready to let go of their old-fashioned software that they can buy and “own.” If that describes you, that’s OK; Tank Track isn’t meant to be for everyone. It is meant to be only for the folks who really want it, and who want to take their business to the next level of efficiency and profitability with a subscription-based web application.

[And, while it’s true that you won’t “own” the platform (software), you do own all of the information you put into it.]

If we could re-do our conversation with that disappointed septic guy, we would have shared with him these 3 reasons that the subscription model would help us to serve him in the best possible way.

Hopefully, we’ve done a better job of sharing that vision with you!


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