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Tips for Building a Brand that Stands Out

Building a Brand that Stands Out from the Crowd

There are over 20,000 liquid waste management companies in the United States. How does your company stand out among competitors in your geographical area? Building a strong company brand will help you to differentiate yourself from competitors.

Here are a few ideas to consider as you build your company brand:

 1. Communicate how important your work is to the community as a whole.

What steps are you taking to show prospective or current customers your vital role in a healthy local ecosystem? For example, consider sending postcard mailers that mention your company’s contribution to protecting the community water table. This also shows your customers how their decision to hire your company furthers the protection of the environment in their area.

 2. Let your passion show through.

Why did you go into business? What gets you excited to go to work? Whatever your reason, let your customers see it in all their interactions with your company.  People get excited about seeing people who do their jobs passionately—so share this passion with your customers!

 3. Communicate a consistent message to your customers.

Any interaction with an existing or potential customer is an opportunity to communicate your brand. Whether by phone, postcard, letter, a truck decal, or in person, every contact you have with your customers should send a consistent message about your company.

Always remember that the years of trust can be undermined in an instant by a rude operator or a poorly done job. Seize every opportunity to communicate your core values to your customers, and reap the benefits of a loyal customer base for many years to come.

4. Be honest about your limitations.

Your customers trust your judgement and expertise to protect their property and make the most of their hard-earned money. If you aren’t the best person or company to do a specific task, use it as an opportunity to be a trusted advisor to your client. Give an honest, “good neighbor” recommendation about who you think is the best person for the job.

5. Be a giver.

In a world fraught with so much hardship, show how your company is a force for good. Consider advertising that some percentage of the customer’s invoice goes to a philanthropic cause that you are personally passionate about. This is not a “check the box” kind of initiative—you should be able to communicate to your customers WHY you are passionate about that particular cause. For example, most customers will like knowing that by hiring your company, they helped to build a well in Africa, to help conserve a local park, or to assist struggling students, for instance. Invite your customers to join you in the joy that comes from genuine giving.


There are lots of septic companies in your region, but nobody does things exactly like you do. Building a strong brand presents a clear picture of your company’s strengths to present and future customers, and ensures that when they need help they will think of you first.



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