Manage your entire septic business (and save tons of time) with the simple septic business software. We think you’ll love our easy-to-use, yet powerful, septic software. Have a look through the features below that help make Tank Track the best way to manage your septic business.

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  • Enter each contact only once and back up your septic company data to your own computer any time you want.
  • Easily manage customer and property info, even when you are away from the office.
  • Schedule single or recurring jobs, create work orders and invoices, track service due dates, and much more.
  • Email invoices and receipts to customers from your truck or office and email service due notices automatically.
  • Create pumping and dumping reports and revenue reports for any time period.
  • Provide audible, turn-by-turn instructions for technicians using cell phones or tablets.
  • No contract. No hidden fees. Try risk-free with our 90-day, money-back guarantee. Friendly customer service.

Keep Customer Information at Your Fingertips.

Easily find a customer’s information when they call. You can search by property or billing address, customer or business name, phone number, invoice number, and more. Never lose property service history even when the contact person moves or the property changes owners.

  • Preserve contact history on invoices even when a property changes hands.
  • Easily link a contact to as many properties as necessary.
  • Keep property details and history regardless of ownership changes.
  • Validate property and billing addresses using the U.S. Postal Service database.
  • Create your own custom fields to track the property information you need.
  • Record tank sizes, cover locations, and tank notes even for multiple-tank properties.
  • Save images, such as tank-location diagrams, for each property.

Easily Schedule Jobs.

Assign appointments to the appropriate truck and driver. Let Tank Track help you predict when each truck needs to be emptied so you can quickly add waste receiving sites to each route. Create work orders to give your techs the info they need.

  • Customize trucks and technicians.
  • Add jobs to the schedule directly from the contacts page, without re-entering addresses.
  • Easily drag and drop appointments to the date and truck of your choice.
  • View your schedule by month, week, day, or individual truck.
  • Print or export each day’s work orders and invoices for all your trucks and technicians with a few clicks.
  • See at a glance what type of job is assigned for each appointment without opening each invoice.

Automatically Schedule Repeat Jobs.

Set up recurrent appointments directly to the schedule at any regular interval, and to the truck of your choice. You can change individual appointments in the series at any time.

  • Schedule recurrent appointments directly to the truck of your choice.
  • Create appointments at any regular time interval as far into the future as necessary.
  • Adjust individual appointment details and/or dates of service without disturbing the series of appointments.
  • Instantly create individual invoices and work orders for all appointments in the series.
  • Customize the default price for any product or service for the series of appointments as desired.

Keep Track of your Invoices and Work Orders.

Seamlessly create work orders and invoices with the custom information you have prepared for each property. Easily print them for technicians and customers, or create PDF documents to send via email. You can identify partially paid or unpaid invoices and export the list for easy follow-up.

  • Customize your products and services to match what you do.
  • Adjust the default price for any product or service on any individual invoice whenever you wish.
  • Present a professional image to your clients with a clean invoice design.
  • Include tank location diagrams and job instructions with each work order.
  • Print on standard 8.5- x 11-inch printer paper or use carbonless paper.
  • Complete invoices in the field with your Internet-connected tablet and deliver legible invoices and receipts to your customers.
  • Record time in, time out, job notes, technician notes, pump volume, and payment details.
  • Generate invoice lists by time period, payment status, job completion status, zip code, and more.
  • Track volume pumped and disposal location for each job.

Track Service Due Dates.

Keep tabs on service due dates and easily prepare to send reminders to your customers. Don’t lose any more of those valuable repeat appointments!

  • Customize service due notices for each property and for any product or service.
  • Create as many task-specific service due notices per property as needed to accommodate services on different schedules.
  • Generate a service due notice from any completed invoice with a few clicks.
  • Convert a service due notice into an appointment in seconds.
  • Email up to three service due notices during the 30 days prior to each due date automatically.
  • Import service due dates along with a description of what needs to be done at setup.
  • Search for service due notices during any time period, and easily export the list for sending reminders.

Harness the Power of Email.

Communicate with your customers using personal and professional emails that are optimized for use on mobile devices.

  • Build upon your professional image as a protector of the environment by going paperless whenever possible.
  • Email invoices and receipts with the greatest of ease.
  • Send up to three service due notices by email during the 30 days prior to each due date automatically.
  • Select which customers receive automatic service due notices by email and exclude those declining email communications.
  • Enable customers checking email with their cell phones to tap your phone number to make an appointment or pay a bill.
  • Identify customers without email or those not responding to email reminders and export their info for printing and mailing postcards.
  • Email daily route addresses to each technician so they can enjoy audible, turn-by-turn instructions.
  • Retain a time-stamped copy and delivery status of every invoice, receipt, and service due notice sent by email.
  • Enjoy what is perhaps the quickest and most reliable email delivery system in the transactional email industry.

Take the Pain Out of Reporting.

See at a glance the type and volume of waste you delivered to each disposal facility during the year. Also, generate instant revenue reports. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your records are organized to meet reporting requirements, and the details are documented in case of an audit.

  • The tremendous business insights you gain will better inform your decisions and impact results.
  • Save time and money as you quickly comply with government reporting requirements.
  • Generate pumping reports by source, property type, zip code, city, county, and by month for any time period.
  • Track septage volume delivered to each waste receiving location you use.
  • Record receipt numbers from waste receiving locations for audit purposes.
  • Generate revenue reports by property type, zip code, city, state, month, and product or service for any time period.
  • Track paid and unpaid invoices.


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