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[Pump More Profits] into your Septic Business with Tank Track

Let us show you how Tank Track will help your septic business save time, increase profits, and eliminate headaches.

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Goodbye Scattered Spreadsheets, WASTED TRIPS, and Painful AUDITS. Hello, Tank Track!

  • Save time with easy-to-use search, checklist, scheduling, communication, image and document storage, and route optimization tools.
  • Increase profits with easy-to-use invoicing, payment processing, service due notification, customer review, and appointment confirmation tools.
  • Eliminate headaches with easy-to-use reporting, auditing, waste manifest, pump records, state compliance, and data importing and exporting tools.

Link Multiple Contacts to a Property

Link multiple contacts — such as co-owners, property managers, office managers, bookkeepers, and spouses — to a single property. Automatically email multiple contacts and recipients.

Document Communication with Contacts

Generate time-stamped notes to document communication with contacts in real time. Find and review those notes at a later date to confirm important information.

Capture Contact Information

Embed a customizable contact form on your website that allows prospective and existing customers send you secure communication directly to your Tank Track account. Receive automatic email notifications for timely follow-up.

Bad Debts Icon

Manage Bad Debts

Designate uncollectible invoices as “bad debt” to separate them from other unpaid invoices. Track “bad debts” for any time period, and label “bad debt” accounts to avoid future business.

Customize Checklists

Create customized checklists for technicians to use in the field. Easily complete checklists with a few clicks, and automatically communicate checklist results to customers.

Receive Bad Check Alerts

Receive bad check alerts. Respond automatically by adding returned check fees and resending all unpaid invoices.

Pass Audits

Pass audits. Generate audit-ready records simply by completing invoices, waste manifests, and payments. Receive instant alerts about potential pump volume discrepancies.

Manage Land Application

Manage unlimited land application support for incorporation, injection, and surface application. Electronically certify and record land application compliance data, including pH measurements, time intervals, and temperatures.

Capture Electronic Signatures

Capture customer signatures electronically. Use a tablet to have customers authorize work upon arrival and approve work upon completion.

Generate Detailed Waste Manifests

Create permanent, audit-ready waste manifests. Record and store waste manifest data, including source addresses, waste types, dates and times, pump volumes, and receiving facility authorizations. Easily match pump volumes to receiving facility volumes.

Create Accounting Reports

View, export, and print accounting and financial reports. Track aggregate and individual account-level revenue, payments, refunds, and running balances, including aging accounts receivable.

Upload Documents & Photos

Upload and link unlimited documents and photos to invoices, estimates, and properties. Save important information, such as service contracts, inspection reports, before-and-after photos, and tank location diagrams.

Multiple Tanks Icon

Link Multiple Tanks to a Property

Link multiple tanks to a single property. Record distinct information for each tank, including tank type, pump volume, and service dates. Create and access a detailed history of each tank on a property.

Get Continuous App Updates

Receive ongoing updates and new features at no extra cost. Unlike traditional software, Tank Track incorporates continuous updates with new features as soon as they become available: no more waiting years for updates.

Assign User Permissions

Assign specific access permissions to each user. Classify users as admins and technicians, and specify their viewing, editing, and deleting privileges within the program.

Print or Email Professional Invoices

Print or email professional invoices for customers. Customize invoices to include your company name, logo, and marketing messages. Automatically send monthly statements to active commercial accounts.

Go Mobile & Paperless

Leverage the convenience of mobile technology. Use a tablet to use checklists, complete invoices, record payments, and email invoices and receipts — all from the customer’s driveway.

Automate Service Due Notices

Generate automatic service due notices to save time, reduce printing, and increase response rates. Create multiple service due notices for a single property, and automatically email customers service due reminders.

Streamline Office Operations

Reclaim precious time by streamlining office operations. Instead of re-entering the same information into multiple programs or spreadsheets, use export tools to import data into accounting programs and spreadsheets.

Receive Exceptional Customer Service

Receive over-the-top, exceptional customer service. Whether you call, email, or send smoke signals, we promise to do whatever it takes to answer your question and resolve your issue as soon as possible. And best of all, no bots — just real human representatives!

Created Exclusively for Septic Businesses

Tank Track is created exclusively for septic businesses. Unlike many apps that attempt to target multiple general service industries, we focus on one — and only one — industry: septic businesses, specifically, your septic business.

Enjoy a User-Friendly, Simple Design

Experience an intuitive, user-friendly design. Complete tasks with minimal clicks and effort. Best of all, Tank Track can be mastered by your entire team — from office managers to field technicians — regardless of prior technology abilities.

Sales Tax Icon

Calculate Sales Tax

Calculate sales tax rates with ease. Tank Track calculates applicable sales tax rates in all jurisdictions — including state, county, city, and special tax districts — throughout the United States.

Track Loose Ends

Track loose ends to ensure appropriate follow through. Empower field technicians to quickly flag issues that require timely, higher level follow-up to impress customers.

Organize Physical Check Deposits

Organize bank deposits of physical checks. Generate and export deposit slips for physical check payments with a few clicks.

Confirm Service Appointments Automatically

Confirm service appointments automatically. Email service appointment reminders that request customers to “Confirm” or “Reschedule” their appointments within the email. Email a final notification on the day of the scheduled service.

Store Payment Methods Securely

Store customer payment information securely. Get paid faster by encouraging customers to store their payment methods in a secure, PCI-compliant environment.

Capture Remote Signatures & Deposit Payments

Capture remote signatures for estimates, contract terms, and deposit requirements. Provide customers with a convenient way to approve estimates and pay deposits quickly.

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Septic Businesses Run Smoother with Tank Track

Tank Track helps septic company owners, office managers, and field technicians stay organized. Best of all, it can be used by all septic businesses, from one-person operations to larger businesses with a wide fleet of trucks.

Tank Track Reviews

From Florida to Alaska, septic business owners, office managers, and field technicians are raving about Tank Track.

  • Saves Time: “Our office work has been cut in half…Routing is a breeze…[and]…drivers can send invoices or paid receipts on site.
  • Increases Profits: “Tank Track is an excellent solution…for the revenue side of your septic business…The last six months have been better organized and more profitable.
  • Eliminates Headaches: “Compliance with local and state law is a breeze with Tank Track…We passed [our state DNR audit] with flying colors.
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Straightforward Pricing…

You shouldn’t need a degree in calculus to figure out what your software is going to cost, which is why we offer simple, straightforward, no-contract pricing plans.

Yes, Tank Track is backed by our hassle-free, 90-day money-back guarantee. If you discover that Tank Track isn’t saving you time simplifying your septic business, simply give us a call within the first 90 days to receive a full refund.

Perfect for a new business!



  • 1 Truck
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Premium-Level Customer Support

As low as $58 per truck!



  • 2-3 Trucks
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Premium-Level Customer Support

As low as $46 per truck!



  • 4-6 Trucks
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Premium-Level Customer Support

As low as $36 per truck!



  • 7-10 Trucks
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Premium-Level Customer Support

…With No Hidden Fees!

Seriously, it’s not like we’re in the airline or cellular business!

  • No setup fees
  • No customer support fees
  • No training fees
  • No additional-user fees
  • No data-storage fees
  • No local backup or download fees
  • No plan-change fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • No update fees
  • No baggage fees
  • No restocking fees

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