Easily manage your entire septic business (and save tons of time) with the simple septic business software.

  • Schedule single or recurring jobs and optimize routes. Create detailed pump reports for each waste site.

  • Upload photos and documents for any job. Track multiple tanks and tank types per property.

  • Go paperless. Email invoices, receipts, estimates, and monthly statements. Email service due notices automatically.

  • Track revenue, payments, running balances, and receivables. Click financial reports for invoice details.

  • Send monthly statements to active customers. Apply each payment to many invoices, if needed.

  • No contract. No hidden fees. Try risk-free with our 90-day money-back guarantee. Friendly customer service.

  • "The transition... was close to seamless."
  • "compliance... is a breeze"
  • "follow up appointments... scheduled like clockwork"

Keep Customer Information at Your Fingertips.

Easily find a customer’s information when they call. You can search by property address, customer name, or invoice number. Narrow your search by criteria you choose. Never lose property service history even when the contact person moves or the property changes owners.


Easily Schedule Jobs.

Assign appointments to specific trucks and drivers. Add waste receiving locations to each route when the septage volume for consecutive pump jobs approaches the tank capacity of each septic truck. Create work orders and invoices and add tank location diagrams so that your techs have all the info they need.

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Quickly Schedule Repeat Jobs.

Add recurrent appointments directly to the schedule (including to a specific truck) at any fixed interval as far into the future as necessary. You will retain the flexibility to change or delete individual appointments in the series at any time.


Track Service Due Dates.

Keep tabs on as many task-specific service due dates for each property as needed. Create service due notices in seconds as you complete each invoice. Easily export customer info to send reminders to your customers. Don’t lose any more of those valuable repeat appointments!

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Access your Business from Anywhere.

Never have to make a trip back to the office to access your business files. Connect from any computer in the world, whether at your house or on vacation, with a simple Internet connection.


Take the Pain Out of Reporting.

Gain insights into your business and easily satisfy government reporting requirements. See at a glance how much you have hauled during the year and how much volume you delivered to each disposal facility. Create reports by source, property type, county, town, or zip code for any time period. You can also generate detailed monthly revenue reports in seconds.

Feel confident about security.

When you run your business with Tank Track, your information is kept safe, secure, and accessible for you. Your connection over the Internet is protected by bank-level 256-bit SSL encryption technology, which ensures that the information you send online can’t be seen or read by anyone else.

Since your information is stored at an ultra-secure server facility in the U.S., you won’t have to worry about losing track of things if your computer dies. You can access your Tank Track account from any computer connected to the web, and backup files are available to save locally every day just in case you temporarily lose your Internet connection.

And much more
  • Capture Contact Information

    New Customize and embed a secure contact form into your website’s contact page to enable interested web visitors to submit their contact info. Import info directly into Tank Track.

  • Bad Debt Support

    New Designate each uncollectible invoice as a “Bad Debt” to separate them from other unpaid invoices. Track all Bad Debts for any time period. Label bad debtors to avoid future business.

  • Customizable Checklists

    New Create custom checklists for all major services to help your technicians be more thorough while capturing more job details in less time. Auto-inform customers with the results.

  • Payment Processing

    Celebrate as customers make online payments with debit cards, credit cards, and e-checks on their own, which are recorded instantly in each customer’s account. Enjoy next-day deposits.

  • Bad Check Notifications

    Receive automatic bad check notifications upon discovery. Respond automatically by adding a “bad check fee” and resending all unpaid invoices, if you wish.

  • Eliminate Audit Anxiety

    Sigh with relief knowing that simply completing your invoices and waste manifests, and recording payments in Tank Track, means that passing an audit of your records will be a breeze.

  • Land Application Support

    Enjoy support for incorporation, injection, and surface application. Record pH, times, temps, etc., and certify electronically. Manage hundreds of sites. Stay audit ready.

  • Electronic Signature Capture

    Capture customer signatures with your tablet to authorize your work upon arrival and approve your work upon completion.

  • Detailed Waste Manifests

    Build a permanent waste manifest with the addresses, waste types, and pump volumes every time you empty your truck. Easily match your pump volumes to facility volumes.

  • Accounting Support

    Track your revenue, payments, refunds, and running balances with a ledger for each customer. Track aging Accounts Receivables. Send monthly statements to your active commercial customers.

  • Photo & Document Support

    Upload before and after photos of every grease trap job, or upload tank location diagrams, service contracts, inspection reports, and more to any invoice, estimate, or property.

  • Estimates

    Email or print estimates for jobs large and small. Customize expiration dates, percentage required up front, and terms and conditions for each situation. Quickly convert to appointments.

  • Manage Waiting Jobs

    Organize and filter as many appointments as needed while waiting for the spring thaw to optimize efficient routing.

  • Reports with Invoice-Level Detail

    Clicking any number in your pump or financial reports will produce the specific invoices behind each total. Export and customize as needed.

  • Multi-Tank Support

    Add as many tanks and different tank types per property, as needed. Record pump volumes for each tank separately. Create exquisite property histories.

  • Instant Updates

    Unlike traditional software, you won't have to wait years or pay to upgrade to the latest version. Subscribers get updates and new features as soon as they are available, at no extra cost.

  • Manage User Permissions

    Decide which of your users should show up as drivers in the schedule, and decide what level of access each user has within each section of the program.

  • Print/Email Invoices

    It's a snap to print or email your work orders or invoices for the day, and to customize them to work for you. Your customers will love the professional invoice design.

  • Go Mobile (and Paperless)

    Use your web-connected tablet to complete invoices, record payments, and email invoices and receipts — all from your customers’ driveways.

  • Automate Service Due Notices

    Use our automatic email feature to send customers up to three service due reminders. Save time, minimize printing, and increase response rates.

  • Streamline Your Office

    Run your business more smoothly and easily, and stop wasting time re-entering the same information across multiple programs and spreadsheets.

  • Good, Old-Fashioned Customer Service

    You know—the kind where you call or send us a message, and we do our very best to help you and resolve your problems as quickly as possible. It is our goal to provide the most pleasant and responsive customer support in the industry.

  • Specifically Tailored for Septic Businesses

    Unlike programs that do everything for everyone, Tank Track is designed only for septic businesses. You’ll be able to keep track of the things you care about, like the location of the tank cover and the capacity of the tank. Customize the program to match what you do!

  • User-Friendly, Simple Design

    Lots of programs take weeks to figure out, but Tank Track is so intuitive, you can get the hang of it on day one. A clean and straightforward design lets you get your work done in just a few clicks even if you aren't a high-tech expert.

Septic Companies Run Smoother with Tank Track.

Tank Track has helped septic company owners and office managers stay organized in a wide range of business types, from the smallest one-person outfit to companies with a fleet of trucks.


Top notch company. I honestly can't say enough about Tank Track, but I'll do my best.

As a septic tank pumping company, we have struggled for years to find a software that meets our needs and is affordable. I sat through demo after demo and everyone seemed to get further and further away from what I needed, a user friendly way to manage customers, route trucks and keep track of payments.

Well Tank Track does all that and more. The software is unbelievably simple to use. Our employees range from early 20's to late 60's and everyone went from filling out paper manifests to using Tank Track on iPads in a matter of days.

Tank Track has several features to ensure routing is a breeze and our office work has been cut in half because now our drivers can send invoices or paid receipts on site.

Customer Service is fantastic and any time I have had a question or issues I can talk to someone without sitting on hold for ages like I have in the past with other companies.

I honestly had almost given up and settled for a second rate software or resigned myself to paying some big corporation thousands of dollars each month. I'm so glad I found Tank Track when I did.

They are an honest company with fair pricing and each update adds more features that help streamline our business so we can be more efficient and connect with more customers. We look forward to doing business with Tank Track for years to come.

– Rachel, Septic Company Office Manager, Florida

Tank Track is to our septic company as money is to a bank. I used to spend a month getting all reporting done for each resident. Now it is done in a day. We were audited by the State of Wisconsin DNR and we passed with flying colors. I have put this program to use in our business and I have never looked back. Next step is to equip each truck with a computer and mobile printer. They can make changes to properties, make notes on the account as well as each pump ticket, and the customers love the small receipt with a return envelope for payment. We save paper, save time, save postage, and most of all our compliance with local and state law is a breeze with Tank Track.

– Jon, Septic Company Operations Manager, Wisconsin

We went from using QuickBooks, a handwritten calendar and drawing of maps to using Tank Track. We were nervous at first as it was a big change for us, and relied 100% on the Tank Track program, not on our calendar that we were used to utilizing. Any hesitations that we had were quickly put aside within the first few weeks of operating solely on Tank Track.

The transition was as close to seamless as we could have expected. The program itself is user friendly, easy to both use and teach to others. Our scheduling of jobs has become more concise and routing more consolidated. Invoicing is simple and tied directly to the work order, so looking up information or answering customers questions about past service is easy.

Beyond this, the customer service at Tank Track has exceeded our expectations. They are easy to get ahold of, answer questions and give recommendations regarding the program. They ALWAYS take into consideration any ideas you have for improvements in the system and do their best to modify the program to make it work for us to its fullest capability. We highly recommend Tank Track to any Septic Company.

– Erin, Septic Company Owner, Massachusetts

“Our Septic Pumping / O&M company finally discovered tank-track.com last year. They are great to work with and assisted us importing all our data. The last 6 months have been better organized and more profitable compared to the last 10 years since we started. Reminders are automatically emailing to our clients and follow up appointments are being scheduled like clockwork. Our family business only has 2 trucks, but Tank Track will handle our septic business as it grows. Tank Track is an excellent solution provider for the revenue side of your septic business too. We highly recommend Tank Track.”

– Michael, Septic Company Owner, Washington

Tank Track has taken us up a notch with our customer service and record keeping. It makes our invoicing much more professional, we are able to offer service reminders to our clients with the click of a button. No more do we have to have post cards printed, and pay postage, it is all done via email. Our drivers really love the work orders with all of the property info so they know what they are getting into going to their next job. All in all this program is making our jobs easier with more information than we ever knew we needed.

If you are considering Tank Track vs other software, know this. This software is designed specifically for septic companies. I did extensive research on other programs and nothing compared to this one for our needs. Tracking gallons and dump stations, tank specific notes, easy dispatching and much, much more. The reporting is wonderful as well, we can run reports on all of our service offerings to see what where we need to improve on. I would not consider any other software to run our business.

– Kyle, Operations Manager, Illinois

As an individual owner/operator of my septic company I have multiple tasks. I’m the secretary. I’m the boss. I’m the driver. So, in doing regular business operations I have to be able to manage all the tasks, all by myself.

The main concern that I had when I opened my business was to find software so I could work with ease. Tank Track helps me to be efficient and organized with my clientele. It has helped me greatly to book appointments easily and efficiently, which saves time and money. Additionally, the team at Tank Track is awesome. They’re always there to help you with any issues that you might have.

To anybody out there looking for a simple software program that will manage all the aspects of your small business in the septic industry, I highly recommend Tank Track software.

– Igal, Septic Company Owner, Massachusetts

We were very hesitant about replacing our 20+ year old system with a system that was maintained somewhere other than our building. We were prepared to have a rough transition year, but things went great. The Tank Track team has been constantly improving the program, even without our asking. This is one of the best moves we’ve made.

– Tom, Septic Company Owner, Wisconsin

Straightforward Pricing.

A simple program should have simple pricing. That’s why we have a straightforward monthly charge, with no setup fees or hidden costs. There is no contract so you can quit at any time.

You can give it a try, risk-free, with our 90-day, money-back guarantee. If you decide that Tank Track isn’t simplifying your septic business and saving you time, just give us a call within the first 90 days and request a refund.

Get started today by simply choosing the plan that matches the size of your company.

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    • 1 Truck
    • Unlimited Users
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    • 2–3 Trucks
    • Unlimited Users
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  • Standard


    • 4–6 Trucks
    • Unlimited Users
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  • Deluxe


    • 7–10 Trucks
    • Unlimited Users
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  • PLUS
  • No Setup Fee ($300 value)
  • Customer Support ($145/year value)
  • Data Storage ($98/year value)
  • Local File Backup ($120/year value)
  • Total value of FREE bonuses: $663

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