Tank Track FAQs

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Tank Track FAQs
What is Tank Track?

Tank Track is an easy-to-use, cloud-based software platform that helps your septic business save time, increase profits, and eliminate headaches.

Tank Track software helps you simplify the management and daily operations of your septic business. We designed Tank Track specifically and exclusively for the septic industry.

Which septic businesses should use Tank Track?

Tank Track is ideal for septic pumping and service businesses that manage between one and ten trucks and that desire to simplify the management and daily operations of their businesses.
We intend to offer support for septic businesses that manage more than ten trucks in a future update.

Is Tank Track a separate app that requires installation on computers and mobile devices?

No, Tank Track does not require installing a separate app on computers and mobile devices. Tank Track works with any computer or mobile device that connects to the Internet.

What devices can use Tank Track?

Although Tank Track works with any device that connects to the Internet, Tank Track works best with computers and tablets.

How much does Tank Track cost?

Tank Track offers multi-tiered, monthly pricing plans based on the number of trucks you manage on the Tank Track platform. Learn more about our current rates.

Why does Tank Track charge based on the number of managed trucks?

We’ve found that the simplest and most transparent pricing structure is based on the number of trucks septic businesses manage with Tank Track.

Septic businesses that manage more trucks pay more than septic businesses that manage fewer trucks. Our multi-tiered, monthly pricing plans also allow us to maintain competitive prices and deliver great value.

Does Tank Track charge extra for additional users?

No, Tank Track does not charge extra for additional users.
As a septic business owner, you may create as many users as you need, including other owners, office managers and staff, and field technicians.

Does Tank Track require an annual contract?

No, Tank Track does not require an annual contract. Instead, we offer monthly, no-contract pricing plans.

Does Tank Track offer a free trial?

We do not offer a free trial, and here’s why. Several software businesses offer free trials because more customers sign up, but many of those customers don’t even actually try the software. 

We’ve found that charging from the start ensures that septic businesses are genuinely committed to actually trying Tank Track.
We do, however, offer a hassle-free, 90-day money-back guarantee.

Does Tank Track offer a free demo?

Yes, Tank Track offers a free online video demo, which is available for you to watch 24/7.
You can also request an additional “live” online demo, if you desire a more in-depth demonstration of the latest version of our software.

Does Tank Track offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Tank Track offers a hassle-free, 90-day money-back guarantee. Simply give us a call within the first 90 days to request your refund.

Is Tank Track easy to use?

Tank Track is intuitive and simple to use, and subscribers tell us that even non-tech savvy users with only the most basic computer skills are able to learn and use the software, sometimes surprising even themselves.

Does Tank Track provide training? Does Tank Track charge for training?

Yes, Tank Track offers training videos, training articles, and live, interactive online training. We do not charge for training.

What if drivers or field technicians absolutely refuse to use computers or tablets?

Good news! Tank Track prints invoices and work orders with the necessary customer and property information to equip your technicians who prefer to use paper documents in the field.

How long does it take to get started with Tank Track? Does Tank Track charge for setup?

In most cases, it takes only minutes for you to sign up and a few hours to customize Tank Track to match your company’s needs and to get started. We do not charge for setup.

How secure is Tank Track?

Tank Track is secure. In addition to protecting data transmissions with 256-bit SSL encryption technology, we only store your customer information and data on servers in ultra-secure U.S. locations that incorporate power backups, fire suppression systems, video monitoring equipment, and 24/7 armed guards.

Speaking of security, can Tank Track restrict users from accessing particular information and data?

Yes. As a Tank Track admin, you can assign specific permissions to each user based on individual ability, trust level, and need to know.

Can septic businesses retrieve their information and data from Tank Track?

Yes, Tank Track makes it easy (and free) for you as a septic business admin to download and save your company data file on your own computers, along with your schedule for the next three weeks.
You can also download and save local copies of all your uploaded images and documents in a highly organized folder system.

If I want to use my company data for another application or if I decide to leave Tank Track, will my data be available to me and in a usable form?

We never hold you or your company data “hostage,” even if you cancel your subscription or don’t pay your bill.
In fact, should you decide to leave Tank Track, you can take your data in a highly organized and usable form for whatever comes next! And we will part friends!

Is it possible to go paperless with Tank Track?

For the most part, yes. Information and data in Tank Track is accessible from any computer or tablet with an Internet connection.
You can email estimates, invoices, monthly statements, receipts, and service due reminders to your customers. You can also capture remote, time-stamped electronic signatures.
And with Tank Track’s optional electronic payment processing system, customers can pay invoices and deposits remotely.
There are some limitations, though, that may prevent septic businesses going entirely paperless with Tank Track: Internet connectivity; customers who do not have email addresses; and employees who absolutely refuse to use computers or tablets. In these limited situations, Tank Track generates printed documents that can also be stored locally as PDF files.

Is there a way to import information and data into Tank Track?

Yes, Tank Track provides you with a model import template that can be used to help prepare your customer list and other data exported from another program for import into Tank Track.
Whether your data is currently stored in Excel, Access, or one of the many accounting programs such as QuickBooks, you can almost always export it into Excel. And that means it can almost always be imported into Tank Track, avoiding the many hours of work involved with manual entries.
Examples of information and data that can be imported into Tank Track include contact names, billing and property addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and related contact and property notes. 

You can also import detailed tank information including tank type, capacity, location, depth, and more, along with related notes for up to two tanks per property.

Finally, you can import the most recent service dates and the next service due dates, with related notes. 

Tank Track provides personalized customer service to assist in this process.
Once your company data file is securely uploaded into Tank Track, we’ll review the import file to ensure format accuracy, and, if necessary, recommend edits. We also offer a separate service to edit your data file for the best import results, if editing assistance is needed.

Once your file is ready for import, we do that for you as part of your included customer support.

Does Tank Track offer any help importing information and data?

Yes, we review each import file to ensure format accuracy, and, if necessary, to recommend edits. Tank Track can edit and organize imported information and data as a separate service with an hourly fee.

Once your company data file is ready for import, we always do that for you as part of your included customer service.

Can Tank Track replace the need for accounting software, like QuickBooks?

Tank Track is not intended to replace your accounting software.
Tank Track provides accounting support and comprehensive financial reports for revenue, payments, invoicing/billing, accounts receivable, refunds, bad debt, sales tax, and payment processing.
However, it does not track business expenses, depreciation, payroll, etc., or generate tax forms. In other words, Tank Track works with, but will never replace, accounting software.

Does Tank Track integrate with accounting software, like QuickBooks?

Although Tank Track does not integrate directly with any accounting program, septic companies across the country happily use Tank Track and QuickBooks (as well as other accounting programs) side by side all the time. Here is how:

Step 1: Import your Contacts

As part of setting up your new Tank track account, you can export your customer list from your accounting program into an Excel file, which usually needs some editing, after which it can imported directly into Tank Track.

Step 2: Manage your Business in Tank Track Alone

Thereafter, you can use Tank Track’s septic-specific invoices to handle all your billing, record all of your revenue and payments, track accounts receivable, and process all of your in-person, telephone, and online payments.

Step 3: Enter a Single General Journal Entry Monthly to Record Net Revenue and Payments

Every month or so (your choice), use Tank Track’s Financial Summary Report to determine your net revenue and payments for the prior period.

Enter those totals as a single general journal entry into your accounting program, which summarizes all the transactions for the time period.

After you have set up the first general journal entry, all you have to do going forward is use the “Create a copy” feature to provide a new general journal entry. Simply change the date and the totals and click Save and the process becomes a 20-second exercise.

It’s easy, and we’ll help you get started.

This approach ensures your accounting program’s revenue and payment totals will be accurate and complete while preserving all of the transaction details inside Tank Track.

And you will be out of the double or triple entry business forever and save lots of time and money. Many companies do this successfully and so can you!

Can Tank Track process credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks?

Yes! Tank Track partners with a premier payment processing provider that offers integrated, PCI-compliant payment processing for a low monthly fee and competitive processing rates.
Tank Track’s integrated payment processing allows septic businesses to get paid faster — whether remotely, over the phone, or in-person — with credit cards, debit cards, or electronic checks.
Optional mobile card readers can be used to capture payments anywhere with an Internet or cellular connection. 

Tank Track’s payment processing system saves you lots of time by automating key steps. 

With each electronic payment, the system: 
• records the payment in the customer ledger;
• emails receipts to customer;
• marks the invoice as PAID;
• integrates the payment into revenue reports; and
• deposits the funds in your account the next business day.

You can also securely store customer payment methods for future use and collect payment upon job completion.

The system is a true force multiplier for your business.

Does Tank Track provide customer support? Are there customer support fees?

Tank Track provides you with exceptional customer support, so no long hold times, no frustrating phone navigation systems, and no bots!
Our US-based customer support team is responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable, and it’s all included in your simple monthly subscription fee.

How often is Tank Track updated? Does Tank Track charge for updates?

Tank Track is continuously maintained and periodically updated, and we don’t charge update fees. Whether you run a one-truck or ten-truck company, you will enjoy the latest and greatest version of Tank Track available.
In fact, virtually all updates originate from customer suggestions and feedback.